Run away to DreamWidth. Come with me. (reddragdiva) wrote in velvetusers,
Run away to DreamWidth. Come with me.

Update for users.

After twenty-eight hours of most interesting efforts to get stuff shifted from Websynthesis to Wefixtech, we have everything in place on Wefixtech and just need to shift the MX record over ... This involves getting Demon to shift it over, which is not feasible until mid-January. (Arse.)

The problem is that topbit has been having problems with mail on Websynthesis. Yesterday, we were told that Velvet needed to go, now. (Which was rather unfortunate timing.) This evening, Alister says that he has put into place valid user check (so that opportunist spam gets rejected immediately), and that the mail situation is now much better. What he says he won't guarantee as of tonight is that he won't feel he has to do this again.

Since we can't get any assurance that the mail will get through, at the moment we're looking at narnee having to go back to Glasgow immediately to sort this out. Which trashes her holiday and pretty much everything she wanted to do with it. This is, understandably, less than ideal. So we're still hoping to sort out things at least keeping working until mid-January, when it can be shifted from Websynthesis to somewhere more capable.

Our apologies to Velvet users, we're doing our best and will keep you updated!

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