Run away to DreamWidth. Come with me. (reddragdiva) wrote in velvetusers,
Run away to DreamWidth. Come with me.
velvetusers moving to wefixtech at short notice

narnee just spoke to the admin of her host, and he's cutting off's mail as of 24 hours from now (though I'd hope he'd go longer, given it's a bank holiday, but we'll see). As such, I'll be trying to set stuff up on for her and Velvet's many users. wefixtech isn't the height of reliability, but arkady and I are highly contactable and hawkeviper is when he's not being all gooey and domestic ;-)

The web hosting on Velvet may not move immediately, as there is a site or two that should not be hosted in the US (wefixtech's box actually lives in the US). But we'll be doing our best to get the mail working ASAP, as there are several users whose mail is their main account, many of whom read this journal!

Assume mail to anyone at isn't going to get through — it hasn't as of Sunday evening as far as we know. Sahra can be contacted in the meantime on sahra at

Update: Alister is now helpfully tarring up the mail directories to put them somewhere Tony can fetch them, and will update the MX record when we have the infrastructure in place. Your mail is safe! The pop3 and webmail host will probably change, I'll let you know promptly. More news as it comes.

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