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The End of Velvet Networks

Velvet Networks will be shutting down in its current form. I had hoped to give a full thirty days' notice and an exact day of when the server will be turned off but that has unfortunately proved to be impossible. Instead, the server will become unsupported in fourteen days on Monday 14 March 2005 and will cease sometime in the following week of Monday 21 February 2005. Unless you are continuing domain hosting with us or have a legacy account, please ensure that all your necessary data is downloaded from the server as I may or may not keep backups of any data left on the server when it is taken down and that you have made other arrangements for web hosting, email hosting, Usenet access, etc.

Although Velvet Networks is ending as a homemade and home-run server, there will be a smaller incarnation of Velvet Networks; I have not yet chosen a new solution but all the options I'm considering are professional hosting companies based outside of the US (for reasons of privacy and security) who offer an uptime agreement and shell access. If you would like to keep your Velvet Networks account but did not receive a legacy account email previous to this one, please let me know by Monday 7 March 2005 inclusive if you would prefer a full account or an alias and I will do my best to ensure that you get to do so. Priority will be given to users who have made one or more donations from 1997 to the present day.

Donations made in the past year can be returned at the discretion of the donator regardless of whether it has been used. If you would like your donation returned to you, please let me know by Monday 21 February 2005 inclusive -- if I do not hear from you by that date, I will assume you do not want your donation returned.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for all your support over the years!

This was sent to users and usersalternate moments ago. Please let me know if you did not receive it, or if you did not get the legacy or domain hostee emails and believe that you should have. Requests to keep your account or have your donations returned must be sent to the Accounts email address rather than mentioned in a comment to this post. However, please free to ask questions in a comment.
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